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Preamble  People are infected with HIV/AIDS at villages; they were not aware of the exact cause and contagious of disease to the community continuously.

  The founder thought this ispriority need of society to start the remarkable program. The founder of READ andSahaya International founder together they started HIV/ AIDS program in rural Vilandai- Andimadam on 2006 with the name of “Blossoming flower” for who are affected with HIV/AIDS with all the age groups.

  This program focused on awareness of Home-BasedCare (HBC) and Income Generating Program (IGP) given yearly with different opportunities. Adults, youngsters and children are together attended awareness, training, guidance and counseling sessions at regular and continuously.

  For long term observations the founders predicted the children and youngsters are not interested to participate and poor interaction with group, they like to isolate or keep away for the sessions, this program not effective for them just spent time with no abstraction.

  T. The foundersconcluded there is need of special program for children and youngsters. After 18 years of special program the founders started at 2018 spark a new name of “Little Stars” for the purpose of tender care and special attention for children / adolescents for their life and future.


  Support the HIV /AIDS programs – for adults (Malarummottukal) and children and adolescents (Little Stars) through sponsorship.

   Organize HIV/AIDS awareness program will improve their health status, self-care abilities, health promotion / follow the preventive measures to spread of infections to others.

  Train HIV/AIDS clients for self-employment through earning it leads dignified life in society.


  1. Provide continuous care, psychological and economical support to the HIV/AIDS clients through health team members for long term plans.

  2. Conduct monthly meeting for HIV/AIDS clients to distribute nutritive supplements for their needs for maintenance of good health.

  3. Create on opportunity to HIV children to share their perceptions -personal feelings, health status, present complaints, medications and treatment, continuity of hospital visit such talk to their peer match-groups.

  4. Develop and improve Home Based Care (HBC) among HIV/AIDS clients through self-care activities, maintain personal hygiene, promotion of healthy lifestyle and prevention of other diseases.

  5. Guidance and counseling for PLHIV on revised sessions continuously for their health improvement, nutritive supplements, drug therapy and early identification of signs and symptoms.

  6. Trained HIV/AIDS adult clients for self-employment through Income Generation Program (IGP)- according to their abilities and interest to achieve self-worthy.

  7. Organized repeated awareness program on HIV/AIDS collaborated with Sahaya International at national and International level.

  8. Conduct HIV/AIDS day rally on district level.

• HBC – Home Based Care
• IGP – Income Generation Program

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