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I am Kumanan Thangarasu, from Andimadam. Now working as Quality Engineer in windmill industries at Chennai. While I was studying Secondary education my father passed away. I struggled to start my under Graduate. At that time I heard about READ/SAHAYA by one of my friend. Then I met Mr. Selvam and Koen to explain my situation and requested to help for my studies. After the meeting, they accepted to sponsor my 4 years of studies. Also they gave me a chance to go UC-Davis for internship. It was a boon of my life.


I am Sathiya working as a math faculty in one of the coaching institute in India. And I am taking care of my family.But before 8 years I suffered a lot to run my life with poor income of my grandmother. I don’t have parents; my grandmother only raised me and my younger brother. So I was about to drop out my studies when I was in 10th standard and planned to go for work in local shops to help my grandmother to run the family. At that time READ/SAHAYA & Mr. Prashanth sponsored me till i completed my master degree in computer science.


My Name is Lakshmi. I am working as an Electrical Design Engineer in a reputed company now.Because of my father’s death, my life started to suffer from a good education and a better life.I came to know about READ/SAHAYA by my friend. I hoped and tried once by explaining my situation. Selvam and Koen Van Rompay accepted to support my 4 years of educational cost.After successfully having finished my education, I started to work. Now I wish to earn more and repay back to them by funding other children’s education.


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