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Child Line – Ariyalur


  Children are vulnerable group to get different problems in day to day life. The nature of purity and innocence they are always in danger zone. Children are unable to understand adult perceptions of their view to them such as posture, physical touch, loneliness, play activities, interactions, behaviors. Child marriage is common in these places.

  The founder is against of such issues happening around and put effort to stop child marriages. *The prohibition of child marriage act 2006 came into force on 1 November 2007 in India, after it is the rule implemented the act of prohibition of child marriage the Child Line team members directly visit the spot and stop the marriage and taking action legally.

  Child line 1098 program is inaugurated on March 15, 2016 at Ariyalur district. It covers four blocks of Ariyalur, Sendurai, Jayankondam and Andimadam, READ act with Collab which focus welfare of children for more than 25 years in and around Ariyalur,Perambalur,and Cuddaloredistricts.

  This CCC (Child Contact Centre) 9 of them working as a team they are available for 24 hours in 7 days.


  Use the child line when the child is threatened in specific situation, she or he believes to child line call number 1098 for quick and immediate action.

  Create awareness of Child Line use and actions, there is expected to avail the facility to every child in the society in future there is no of victims or minimal numbers of incidents.


  1. Guide the children to aware Child Line number to use 1098 whenever face problems.

  2. Give awareness on Child Line to public gatherings in selected places.

  3. Step the process of Child Line functions ;

  • Receiving calls from children to CCC 1098 main centre at Chennai.
  • Divert the Child Line callsto district Centre from Chennai.
  • Responding the calls and point out the intervening and reach the place.
  • The problem will be solved or taking action with allied system support legally (police, VAO, panchayat president, DSWO)
  • Follow up the child directly to the spot and verify the child isin goodstatus or facing any problem.
  • *Prevent child marriage by taking action, collect evidence for effective prosecution and sensitize the community on the issue.
  • *Advise the locals not to indulge in promoting or helping or allowing solemnization of child marriage.

  4. Create Awareness through open house program (OHP) on monthly basis and depends on issue like abuse activities – verbal, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, child labor and child marriage.

  5. Sharing information of issues amongthe team members through the phone as verbal report and documenting written record in daily basis.

  6. Training the child line 1098 awareness program for Anganwadi workers, VAO and Panchayat presidents.

Secondary objective

Solve the children current issues of what their needs and problems based on day to day activities.

• CCC – Child Contact Centre
• DSWO – District Social Welfare Officer
• VAO – Village Administrative Officer

Foot note;
• Supreme Court of India gave a landmark judgment criminalizing sex with a child bride. This Act consists of 21 sections. It extends all over the India.
• Advise the locals not to indulge in promoting or helping or allowing solemnization of child marriage.

Create Awareness
• Door by Door visit.
• MGNREGS – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
• SHG – Self Help Group

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