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Book Binding


Learn the book binding skill and choose for their career development.

Specific objectives

1. Introduce the binding unit to the learners.
2. Follow the steps of book binding procedure.

  • Arrange 4 sections of full papers in each section 12 papers of 2 *reams bundle.
  • Punch the papers – put 3 holes punching in middle of 4 sections.
  • Keep it in pressing device at the same time.
  • Stitch the 3 holes on the middle of 4 packs in combined after pressing.
  • Cut and paste the brown paper at outer middle of the note book and keep it in pressing device.
  • Sketch the same of the paper size of cardboard to cut and fix with notebook combined and lastly stick with gum.
  • Paste the cloth in 2.5 inches in margin of outer cover of the notebook on next day from the device.
  • Spread a printed wrapper pasted on cover page of front and back of notebook.
  • Hide the cloth of 1.5cm from margin from outer side of notebook for beautifying.
  • Open inside of notebook of first and last page and apply a gum and spread the same size white paper to stick to finish the final work.
  • Keep the note for weighing device for 12-24 hours for better outcome.


*Ream- 24 papers

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