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Screen Printing


Set up screen printing as a profession for whom interested this field and for better as teamwork for successful career.

Specific objectives

1. Introduce the screen printing unit to the learners.

2. Follow the steps of screen printing procedure.

    • Use of computer settings to go play store and download App of Photoshop CorelDraw graphic design.
    • Create a theme / printing matter first and take a printout design from*film butter sheet.
    • Fix a wood/iron frame inside the mesh cloth fitted with nails first.
    • Mix GG coat and Bicrometwell and make sure the consistency of solution to be thin.
    • Paint this solution to mesh frame with same sequence pattern of painting and keep it in dark room with minimum 1 hour.
    • Use exposing table and top of the space, spread the printed film sheet.

Stick on tape with 4 corners of the printed film sheet.

    • Keep the mesh frame to touch thefilm sheet of bottom to completely cover the mesh frame with thick cloth to make dark.
    • Pour the fine river sand at 2 inches level to completely cover the frame without any space or hole.
    • Expose table bottom toswitch on5 tube lights(LED)at a time for 6-10 minutes (the minutes depends on type and size of letters /pictures )
    • Copy the theme or printing matter from film sheet to mesh cloth.
    • Allow the film sheet to remain in expose table and take the mesh frame to use the print purpose.
    • Allow the mesh frame to soak it in water tray for one or two minutes to cool down.
    • Take out mesh frame from water tray and use water gun to sprayto open printed letters clearly to the mesh frame (10-20 seconds) immediately.
    • Expose to sunlight for maximum five minutes for both sides of mesh frame to dry.
    • Fix the dried mesh tray to tie with G clamp on printing table tightly and ready for theme /printing matters.
    • Pour the selected ink on top of the mesh frame to use the scrapper to wind up top to bottom on same weaving pattern.


 Printing ink it is used for at a time 10 clothes.

Finally stitch the print cloth.

Use paper print only one paper at a time after that it should be dried at maximum 1 hour (depends on climate)

Foot notes;

*Film – film butter sheet used for printing theme /design

GG coating -Poly blue emulsion

Bicromet – Salt

G clamp – Frame fitting

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