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Anbagam Special School for Mentally Challenged(Intellectual Disability) Adult above 14 Years- Andimadam

Awareness, Support & Care

Above 14 years female centre inaugurated by READ Founder on March 11th -2015 Andimadam, Ariyalur district.

  Above 14 years male centre inaugurated by Dr. Thares Ahmed I.A.S on April 16th-2015 at Thuraimangalam, Perambalure district.


  Develop an individual to earn by own for his or her expenses through vocational training.


  • Using two hands with play or work.
  • Continuously 10 minutes involving any work without any disturbances.
  • Monitored the wok by someone when he involved.
  • Assign work continuously one hour.
  • Replace the tools, equipment’s in appropriate place after finishing work. If not done, ask to remind him/her to replace the things.
  • Discontinuing the work when he asked to stop.
  • Participating and cooperating a team work.
  • Interested to do other newly assigned work.
  • Accepting other supervision and comments made by his/her work.
  • Regularly going for work by his/her own.
  • Arrange the new work and finish on time and earn money by own regularly.
  • Following rules, regulations, announcement of reading by own if unable to do asking help of other to make understand.
  • Going work for punctual.
  • Asking to do the work fast he understand and increasing the speed of work.
  • Doing orderly the activities of daily living.
  • Engaging full time job (8 hours).
  • Involving team work if need to work.
  • Communicating the issues of fire, electricity burns accidents to authorized department people.

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